Enjoy the taste of Sanriku and Hospitality

We use the best local seafood.
Enjoy Sanriku’s fresh fish and seasonal ingredients.

The Best Sea Food from Sanriku!
The hotel owner is a fisherman. We guarantee the great taste!

dinner sample / Shore dinner

Dinner pattern / Sanriku unique Iso cuisine! Owners I met just a local fisherman, there is confidence in the goodness of quality.

dinner sample / Abalone

Dinner pattern / sashimi pattern. Such as abalone and sea urchin, here in the Sanriku coast you can enjoy the seafood of various sea every season.

dinner sample / Pacific saury

Dinner pattern / September-October the season of saury. Well saury off Sanriku, which topped the fat is a rarity.

dinner sample / Boiled Kabuto

Dinner pattern / Please serve the head of swordfish boldly♪It was stewed carefully for 3 days!

dinner sample / SASHIMI boat

Dinner pattern / Sashimi Boat. Scallops and fresh sashimi. Sanriku’s fresh seasonal sea food!

dinner sample / Scallops

Dinner pattern / Sanriku’s fresh scallop. Enjoy the hot, grilled scallop.

※ The dishes may change depending on the season and the fish catch.

Sanriku’s Four Season

Sanriku Offshore is said to be one of the world’s top three fishing spots and is known as “The Sea of Miracle” or “The Bank of the Pacific Ocean,”
The best way to enjoy Sanriku’s seafood is not to miss its season. The calendar below will show you the best season of fish.

Reference:Ofunato Tourism&Local Products Association


The calendar for best season of fish

Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Raw wakame
Masu salmon
(young sardines)
Raw sea urchin
(sea squirt)
Autumn salmon
Natural abalone
Hair crab
Winter cod
Sea cucumber


The best seafood in the spring is “Early picking wakame (edible brown seaweed.)” You can enjoy wakame shabu-shabu. The scent of spring ocean will spread in your mouth.
From February to March, you can see many fishermen boiling wakame and preserving in salt.
Iwate’s wakame production is the best in Japan both in quality and quantity. Ofunato is said to be the birthplace of wakame farming and salting technology, and you can eat them all year around.


The best season for “hoya (sea squirts)” is summer. As the freshness of hoya declines, it smells bad. Although some inland people don’t like hoya, they will become addictive to hoya when they eat fresh ones.
In this season, fishermen start to harvest “uni (sea urchin.)”
Also, “surume-ika (Japanese common squid)” is sweet and delicious.


“Sanma (Pacific saury)” is delicious in the fall. Sanma caught in Ofunato is delivered to Kyushu area and Okinawa because its freshness management is great.
Also, “Modorigatsuo (fatty bonito) is delicious. In the spring, bonitos go to the North and come back South with plenty of feed.
“Sake (salmon)” is prefectural fish in Iwate and sold in the market.
Salmon catch in Iwate is the best in Honshu, and “ikura (salmon roe)” manufacturing is at its peak from this season to winter.


From fall to winter, many fish is delicious but we recommend you to try “awabi (abalone.)”
In the Edo Period, Sanriku’s “kanpo (dried abalone)” was the main item in trading in Nagasaki.
From November to December, many abalones are sold at the market.
Also, “kaki (oyster)” is delicious in this season. In Tsukiji market, Ofunato abalone is traded in the highest price.

Morning Buffet

The breakfast at Ofunato Onsen is buffet style. We have Japanese and Western dishes, using Sanriku’s ingredients.
You can choose whatever you like. We have varieties of dishes.
You can enjoy a cup of coffee after breakfast.

Breakfast cases / buffet

Breakfast cases / free service, we have provided in the buffet.

(日本語) 朝食一例/和食の盛り付けイメージ

Breakfast cases / Japanese breakfast. Free for all guests.

(日本語) 朝食一例/洋食の盛り付けイメージ

Breakfast cases / Western breakfast. Free for all guests.

※Depend on the situation, it may be a set menu.


Banquet Hall

1階宴会場(2室使用)3 rooms in the first floor.
We can connect the rooms together. Accommodate 160 people.
It can be used for multi-purpose. Many locals use these rooms.

2階和室宴会場(2室使用)3 rooms in the second floor. (Each room is over 374 square feet.)

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