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Ofunato Onsen website ( , it has been opened in the disseminate the purpose of operating the contents of Ofunato Onsen to the general public .
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Ofunato-Onsen information that has been posted on the spa website ( text , logos , photos , video , etc.) copyright and other intellectual property rights , the hotel unless otherwise stated owns .

For personal use , the third party will not be diverted to viewable environment , or in a premise that is not used for commercial purposes , display , copy, print , and then as an admission that download .
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Such as other organizations logo , for copyright intellectual property rights was the third party is held , indicating conditions of use of each of the concession ‘s , and shall be subject to the terms and conditions .


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For links to the top page of the web site of Ofunato-Onsen (, I will in principle free .
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For Cookies

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On the Web site of Ofunato-Onsen , it uses the javascript in part of the content to get browsing more comfortable .
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